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All the pain, suffering, imbalance and scarcity is caused by ignorance. Wisdom, intelligence, insight, and new understanding are the cure. With compassion defining the intent and powering the action. If we eliminate fear due to ignorance, and the need to fear for our survival, we then eliminate irrational fear based behavior which is disruptive to the natural flow and natural orchestrations of the Trinity. "The intent was not that man should live to survive but rather man should live to create" -Activist

"Humanity has one common enemy and the name of that beast is ignorance" -Reluctant Messiah

There is no battle between good and evil but rather a struggle between intelligence and ignorance
-Mr. Urgo Diamu

Although it is a major challenge it is not impossible to eliminate ignorance and fear on the planet and that would do a lot to end most of the worlds suffering. A world with freedom constrained only by wisdom (wisdom is gained with freedom and freedom is lost without wisdom) with intent defined and action fueled by compassion. But that although collectively it is very difficult to achieve, individually it is much easier, and when we become "empty" of the ignorance (emptiness) we are liberated from our own suffering but we still feel the suffering of the "seemingly" other trapped in an illusion resulting from ignorance. Although there is always going to be a little pain and discomfort because it often serves a purpose and what would a world be without challenge and how else could a soul obtain such depth? We also discussed how a little fear is beneficial but I would like to call it not so much fear but respect for the truth or caution surrounding the creation of unwanted circumstances as a result of our actions. One does not fear the Lion, one respects the Lion. You see if you respect the Lion then you are connected to the Lion and he has nothing to fear from you, but if you fear the Lion then obviously you have made yourself alien to the universe and the lion and may act in a fear based irrational way. Which means you have made yourself a threat to the lion. Also remember that the King of the Jungle (most powerful) is a cat and that is the feminine. Of course one could say the King of the Mountain is dog that looks like a lion. We should note that it is much easier now for One to communicate with Many. Sometimes things are delayed so they will happen at the perfect time. Things not possible before are possible NOW. Blessings. -Reluctant Messiah

Become aware, educated and replicate and propagate and witness the truth, ignorance translates into greater profits for some and is why it is so prevalent. It is also a result of a lack of understanding the true nature of things...



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